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Since the beginning of its existence, Profesjonal specialized in the production of the highest quality fruit and vegetable frozen foods. Fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, black and red currants, cherries account for the largest share of our products. In addition, we freeze and sort elderberries, bilberries, blueberries, chokeberries, blackberries, strawberries and vegetables – rhubarb, peppers and pumpkins. Most of these products are offered in both conventional and organic assortment.

A modern plant and an appropriate machine park allow us to process up to 8 000 tons of fruit from which our products are made. We have two tunnel freezers with a total capacity of 7.0 t/h of frozen semi-finished product. We have a large “zero” chamber for cooling and storing 100 tons of accepted raw material. We have a blast freezing chamber and four storage chambers with a total capacity of 6 000 tons of frozen fruit.

The plant is equipped with a modern, efficient refrigeration engine room allowing to maintain appropriate storage conditions.

We make every effort to ensure that our employees constantly improve their qualifications, because we are convinced that qualified and properly trained staff is the cornerstone of the efficient functioning of the company. And this, in turn, translates into the high quality of the assortment we offer.

All plant machines and equipment are designed in accordance with the requirements of European machinery, health and safety and sanitary standards. The company is constantly expanding and upgrading its machine park to further improve efficiency and effectiveness.

In order to obtain a safe, high quality product, we purchased two sorting devices: a laser sorter from Best Helius and an optical sorter from Tomra Blizzard. These devices offer a significant boost to the sorting process and allow us to minimize human labour requirements and increase the safety of our products.

The production technology is implemented in two stages, i.e. IQF freezing, followed by sorting and packaging. Before packaging, the semi-product is sorted on sorters, and the packaged product is ready to undergo detection in metal detectors in order to remove accidental metallic impurities. The entire production process is completed with quality control.

Fast freezing of purchased fresh fruits and vegetables allows us to preserve their organoleptic and health properties. Our products are an excellent raw material for the production of high-quality jams, jellies, yogurt additives and other fruit products.

The company makes every effort to minimize the volume of waste, and the consumption of water and energy in its production processes. In the era of increasing production costs, taking into account environmental protection, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, as well as increasing our energy independence, we have invested in the construction of a 1 MW photovoltaic farm.

The production processes are supported by procedures of food safety assurance systems, based on BRC and IFS standards. This allows us to make sure that the products we offer will be characterized by high quality and safety. These standards ensure repeatable quality, and at the same time an individual approach to all our customers, according to the requirements of their specification.

In order to further increase the quality and safety of our products we intend to purchase more sorters and X-ray devices. We will continue to expand and modernize our machine park, which will put our production at a higher level in food safety and further improve the quality of products we offer.


Since the beginning of our activity, our company has been sourcing raw materials from the heart of Roztocze Środkowe region. Roztocze is a geographical land, which is characterized by clean air, good quality soil and peace that you will not experience anywhere else.

The raw materials are sourced from reliable suppliers that have cooperated with us for years. The multi-year purchase contracts signed guarantee us close cooperation and proper supervision over our suppliers. We systematically train and audit suppliers in terms of the use of good agricultural practices, harvesting hygiene, the use of plant protection products. Hence our certainty that the products we offer are safe and of good quality. All new suppliers are verified against hygiene requirements and good agricultural practices. Only a positive verification results in accepting the supplier to cooperate with the company.

Good cooperation with suppliers, purchasing the best quality raw materials, guarantee that we produce high quality and safe products that meet the strict standards of our customers.


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